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Litigation Attorneys in Thailand

You will find that the Thai legal and court system represents a number of legal areas that are designed to help people resolve disputes or differences. These areas span from criminal law cases to trade and labor disputes.

The information below outlines litigation services offered to Thai residents.

Criminal Law

If you need a solid defense, you can turn to an attorney who is well versed in defending clients charged with crimes. Specialties include theft, assault, criminal negligence, fraud, drug trafficking, or money laundering. Whether you have been arrested for shoplifting or burglary, your Thai lawyer can help you plan a defense strategy.

Civil Law Cases

This area of the law overseas contract illegalities, some of which cause an agreement to become null and void. Many civil cases involve disputes over real estate boundaries or unfair debt collection. A Thai civil law attorney can help you resolve these matters so you can overcome any problems with encroachment or harassment, depending on the case.

Family Law

Family law matters include matters that involve divorce, and child custody and visitation. You need to retain an attorney to comply with the specific guidelines set up for filing for divorce and proceeding with an adoption. If you want to resolve any disputes quickly, you need the guidance of a family Thai legal specialist.

Personal Injury Law

Most of the personal injury cases in Thailand involve medical malpractice or similar forms of negligence. To show negligence, you need to prove that the other party was reckless in his or her behavior, which led to your or a loved one’s injury. This must be shown before you can ask for compensation for yourself or a family member.

Labor Issues

Labor issues or disputes are usually handled by using conflict resolution to engage employers and employees to reach a reasonable settlement.

Extradition Services

Extradition is provided for certain individuals, depending on the court’s assessment of the case. The court considers the following when extradition is requested.

  • If the person is a Thai resident.
  • If the case would be considered if it were tried in Thailand.
  • Whether or not the case is political or military in nature.
  • Whether or not the extradition will conflict with the legal system’s rules in Thailand.

If the person seeking extradition was found guilty and has already received sentencing, or cannot appear again in court for the charge, extradition may follow.

If an extradition treaty has already been signed between Thailand and the other country, Thai courts can proceed with the process.

Professional and Business Disagreements

Other areas covered by litigation include intellectual property disagreements and trade disputes. These Thai legal disagreements occur on a professional and business level. Professionals may feel that their work was stolen and used without their permission, or a company may have problems when trading with another business.

Whatever the reason for your dispute, you should turn to an attorney to help you resolve the disagreement without further incident. Use an attorney’s expertise to keep you on track financially and legally. Don’t try to resolve legal differences yourself. You need to obtain the services of a professional advocate who will guide you legally. Only then can you find a way to comply with the court system and realize a more positive outcome.

What You Should Seek When Choosing an Attorney

When you choose an attorney to litigate your case, you need to find out more about his or her background and specialty. In other words, make sure you choose a Thai legal professional who is well versed in all aspects of your legal case. That way, you can go forward with your case logically and professionally. Both experience and schooling credentials count when you choose a litigation specialist. Make sure you carefully review your attorney’s background before retaining his or her services as a legal counsel.

If you need the assistance of a litigation lawyer in Thailand, please contact us.